Who will be the next ‘Al-Khwarizmi of Pakistan’?

Pak-Turk Maarif advocates the effective way of cognitive learning and encourages logical reasoning. That’s why every year, we bring you MISMO. Maarif Inter-School Math Olympiad or MISMO is Pakistan’s largest Mathematics Olympiad that generously invites Math geniuses of grade 4 to grade 8 from all public and private schools across the country. This renowned Mathematics Olympiad gets participants from more than 37 cities across Pakistan. MISMO 2022 is going to be held on Sunday, 27th November 2022 at 50 MISMO exam Centres across Pakistan.

15th MISMO 2019 was held on 30th Nov 2019, in which 16000 students from grades 5 to 8 competed at 44 MISMO exam centres located in 20 different cities of Pakistan. As a whole, 754 schools participated in this mega event, including 708 private and 46 public schools. A total sum of 4.6 million rupees had been distributed among the top scorers: 40 million at the regional level and 0.6 million at the national level.

This Year, the MISMO 2022 will explore the superior and the greatest math minds of Pakistan. More than 25,000 mathematicians are expected to appear in the most prestigious Mathematics Olympiad of Pakistan. We advise students to ensure ample practice and analyse their weak points for performing best in the Mathematics Olympiad. As this year MISMO will be much bigger and much fiercer.

The fundamental goal of MISMO is to establish a competitive attitude among the students. MISMO Mathematics Olympiad is designed to reveal the true significance of the arithmetic study. It provides a broader perspective on maths issues and their applications in the real world.

Mathematics enables students to deal with logical problems in real life. MISMO comes with a plethora of opportunities for students to win hefty prize money, certificates, and surprises. The prizes will be distributed among the National and Regional level winners.

MISMO is offering a customized assessment of participants’ individual positions school-wise, city-wise, region-wide, and nationwide. That means, if many students from one school chain are participating in MISMO, they will know where they stand with reference to their schoolfellows. It will enable students to check their position at a Regional level and National level as well. This innovative feature is introduced to instil a sense of achievement among the students via a heightened sense of competition.

Are you ready to become the ‘Al-Khwarizmi of Pakistan’? The prestigious title of ‘Al-Khwarizmi of Pakistan’ will solely be granted to the national top position holder from Grade 8. This title commemorates the Mathematical legacy inherited by one of the greatest mathematicians in Muslim history: Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi.

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